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[19] Michael Carrick still feels the magic of the FA Cup and says Utd are ready for Huddersfield

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  • [19] Michael Carrick still feels the magic of the FA Cup and says Utd are ready for Huddersfield

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    "It’s very special! One of my best days and achievements was when Jesse put that volley in and we won the FA Cup. Winning the FA Cup was my dream as a kid and, even though we’ve managed to win it now, it hasn’t dampened down that desire to win it again and that’s what we’re striving to do. It is the most exciting time of the season, certainly, because everything is to play for. You want to get through to the next round of the cup competitions, but it can also end there and then. It is when the pressure and expectation cranks up and it changes, but that is what we want to be involved in - the big games, the edgy games, coming out on top and that’s what makes winning so special."

    "In cup ties, whoever you play, there is a different buzz to a normal league game. Huddersfield have come so far in recent times, they are doing well in the Premier League and want to do well in the cup. It is a big game for them but it is equally as big for us. It is the next game in front of us and we are going there expecting to win and to go through to the next round, but we expect it to be a tough game and we are not taking it for granted by any means, because we are well aware of Huddersfield’s strengths and what the FA Cup can bring. We got through the last round and a tricky tie, which we got through quite comfortably, and hopefully we can do the same again. They are fighting to go through in the cup. They are fighting to stay in the Premier League. They fought hard to achieve promotion, to get where they are, and they don’t want to give that up. The bare minimum you expect from them is to be aggressive and work hard. We expect the same in the cup. It is a one-off game and anything can happen. We are certainly expecting something."
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