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"We know he’s got outstanding qualities but while he isn’t being played in his favoured role, on the left hand side of a midfield three, he finds it difficult. Certainly defensively anyway. It’s frustrating if you’re a United supporter because we’ve seen what he can do in that role for Juventus and at times for France. The game comes very easy to Pogba and I just wonder, if long-term, he might be better suited in the number ten role, where he can do what he likes more or less in that final part of the pitch. Pogba’s at his best when he can be creative and make things happen going forward. Remove the shackles and get him in positions where he can go at players one versus one, or has the freedom to run in behind and ask questions of the opposition defence that way. We know already that he gets on well with Romelu Lukaku, so why not try and get them nearer to one another on the pitch too, and see how that works."