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Now out. '1958, A personal account of that fateful year for Manchester United.' by Roy Cavanagh MBE. The print edition via Kindle via

"Mourinho was a pioneer when it comes to tactics in football. I've read many books. I think Mourinho is quite a good rival. I am really excited by tomorrow's match. We'll need to be ready mentally and physically. It'll be a great day, great match. I don't know how many matches Mourinho has played in this competition but we will be ready. More than 100 I think, but we will be ready to play this match. I'm really happy with the performance of my team. We've had an excellent number of victories, although there is still room for improvement.”

"We have to be better than against Atletico. Now we have more experience and some months working together. I hope that tomorrow is played with less emotion but with the same spirit as always. I'm happy with the team's performance but it can be improved. It will be difficult, tough, we have to be physically and mentally strong, and we have to trust the players. We have to play with experience and with the head, but we also have to play with desire."