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"Real Betis scored five in January, but I only see a club like Real Madrid or Barcelona with Ronaldo or Messi on their best days to come here and smash and score five or six goals. The game they had against Betis was special because it was the local derby. Normally Seville is a team that defends well. Montella is Italian, and Italian coaches know how to organise their teams from a defensive point of view. I see that the distances between the wingers and fullbacks are a lot shorter. Not like in England because some 'experts' who never sit on the bench say defenders should never defend, midfielders should always attack, that’s only in England with this generation of 'experts'. I think the game will be very competitive. They can be nice and say we are favourites but that means absolutely nothing. They have a good players, good team and a good mentality for knockout matches. Sevilla is a team of cups – the Copa del Rey and Europa League – and now they have the chance to play in the biggest competition of all so the motivation is even bigger."