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"In the Champions League, I think any one of 10 teams can win it. And I'd include us in that because I think the manager knows how to win. You saw that in the Europa League last season. His history will tell you he knows how to win in Europe as well, so that will count for us. So, we're in a very good position with an awful lot to play for during the last two-and-a-half months of the season. A big month coming up with Seville and Brighton at home. We've just had Chelsea at home and got Liverpool at home as well. I think you've got to accept that City have got a very, very healthy lead and besides them having a huge, huge slip up, they're going to win the league. So, it's a battle to finish as high as possible. We're in second place at the moment and we seemed to be forever in sixth last year so that's a huge improvement. Liverpool are a form team, Spurs are a form team, so it's going to be very tight and very close. We've just got to keep going to the end and hopefully finish as high as possible."