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Now out. '1958, A personal account of that fateful year for Manchester United.' by Roy Cavanagh MBE. The print edition via Kindle via

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"Fans of the club have an expectation of how they expect the team to play – and they just aren't doing it at the minute. If United carry on playing the way they are, and forcing Pogba to play as a defensive player, you're going to get supporters turning against you. People are always going to start pointing the finger at him because of his price and because it's an easy solution. They're always going to suggest that he wants to leave, when the fact is, he's not said that. I can totally understand why he as a player wants to play in his best position. That being said, sometimes you should just do a job for the team. You need to think about the rest of the players, rather than just focusing on yourself and whether you're out of position. Sometimes, I feel like he prioritises himself over his teammates. Let's get one thing straight. Pogba is not a defensive midfield player. But at the minute, he doesn't fit in the team and the balance isn't right. I'd go as far as to say that Lukaku, Sanchez and Pogba all on the same pitch just isn't working out at the minute."

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