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Now out. '1958, A personal account of that fateful year for Manchester United.' by Roy Cavanagh MBE. The print edition via Kindle via

"The gap is a very short gap. Six points between second and fifth is really, really short and open for everybody, but all four of us are in the Champions League still, so we have other focuses, other targets. I have to say all of us very good teams, in spite of the fact sometimes the way I read it looks like all the others are better than us, but that’s not the reality, so I would say four very good teams and one will be out of the Champions League. If you ask me, second or fourth place, I say from the financial point of view it doesn’t make a difference, and from a prestige point of view it doesn’t make a difference. You still go to the Champions League and the fourth doesn’t even now to play the last qualification, but from a personal point of view, second is better than third so we are going to try the best possible. Of course, the top four is very difficult, and that’s the main target for us, but if you can finish second it’s better than finishing third."