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"I read somewhere Sir Alex Ferguson was influential in McTominay's decision but the most influential guy will have been Jose Mourinho. Mourinho has a great affection for Scotland. He did his coaching badges at Largs and loved his time here. When he started at Chelsea I was at Derby and I met him at a reserve game - in the hamburger queue. I was watching the game with the Derby reserve team and I said to him, 'Don't you think you can come to England and beat Alex Ferguson. Mourinho replied, 'No chance, it's not him or the Scottish I want to beat - it's the English.' If the boy had said to Mourinho, 'Scotland or England?' I think Mourinho would have steered him down the Scotland route as he is so well disposed to Scotland. I believe Mourinho would also be supportive of him playing for Scotland. It's a massive coup for Alex McLeish to land McTominay for Scotland. Pipping England to get a player is just like beating them in a game."