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[3] Sam Wallace thinks Mourinho is a Leopard who won't change his spots

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  • [3] Sam Wallace thinks Mourinho is a Leopard who won't change his spots

    RN251 - Content for the new RedNews251 - on sale for Chelsea, Liverpool, Seville home games ONLY - published 25th February 2018
    Reditorial on United, identity, social media boasts and a Football Club. Since the last mag. Gossip. Well sourced, well read. Mkhitaryan - what went wrong? @carlosartorial, the wry old sod. @toeinthewater1 on Super Ed, well, maybe not. Pete Shaw is Red & Angry - on Utd wanting to improve the OT atmosphere, amongst other things. city in need. Utd fans at Maine Road pic. Melissa and pals in Belgrade for the 60th anniversary. @mufc_dan87 on Football Accountants. @_Rob_B on VAR. 5 Pint Rule. Another gem from @chinatownbranch. @SparkyMate has been having strange thoughts about Phil Jones. @CornbrookSt_Red on Tom Curry. Liam Miller RIP. The bond between MUFC and Bishop Auckland. @biggestfella18 has some truly sordid Euro Away tales. Bobbles on what Utd need to do to improve. Positives and Negatives with @Northern_Exiled. And arrested at Anfield '92. oh, and much much more!

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    "You don't hire Mourinho to play like a Pep Guardiola side,"

    "That's not what he does and he's not going to change for anyone. He has a way that has served him very well during his career.

    "He'd be bemused by people saying they'd like the team to be a bit more expansive. He doesn't take requests because he does things in his own way. He's doing what has delivered him success."

    "There's been three trophies post-Ferguson but there's undoubtedly been a decline. The supporters want to get back to being title challengers and winning titles and that's understandable.

    "Mourinho on his day is excellent at the bespoke tactical performance but as a sustainable way of playing football, I think you can do it with a Porto or the Inter Milan side he had but Manchester United having 32 per cent possession at home is extraordinary. It's a whole new world. Even United teams that fell short in the 1980s used to attack so I don't think this argument had gone away.

    "The United fans would have left the ground on Saturday delighted at having won the game against Liverpool but they were hanging on and one tiny mistake would have let Liverpool in for the equaliser. Then the whole edifice crumbles. However, they held on and they win the battle but in the long term, I just can't see United backing off at home flying."
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