from the Munich Memorial Committee

As some of you will be aware, the Munich Memorial Fund was very successful in its fundraising - thank you to everyone who put in.

As was stated by Bucket in his emotive speech on the day, we would like to see the money be used to continue the legacy and commemoration by sending a dad/mum and lad/daughter/grandkids to the memorial every year on the 6th to read out the names of those lost and to lay a wreath to their memory.

If you have nominations for those you feel are deserving and fit the criteria (never been before/child obligatory!) then please request an application form from [email protected]
Nominations end 30/4/18 and the winners will be drawn at the Stretford Enders Reunion at the Nags 12/5/18

see below post sent out on the facebook - apologies, can't attach form here!

Thanks again to everyone who went over and contributed in their own way to celebrate our lost team.

We hope this endeavour will continue to foster our relations with the city of Munich and educate our youth on the history and soul of MUFC.

Manchester Munich Memorial attendance nomination process and form

Process for nominations to represent fans of MUFC at Trudering Munich 6th February 2019

1. To qualify you need to have never been before and must take a child or grandchild with you.

2. Laying a wreath at the Manchesterplatz memorial site and reading out the names of the 23 deceased. The organising group will be present and organise the wreath.

3. Nominations will be validated by the organising group before entry to the draw is allowed.

4. Closing date for nominations is 30th April 2018.

5. The Draw will be made by an independent source at the IWARSE reunion on 12th May at The Old Nags Head.

6. Return flights for an adult and child (or 2 adults depending on age of young person going) along with 2 nights accomodation will be funded from the munich memorial fund.

7. Nominations to be sent to Pat Burns at [email protected]