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"To bring Mourinho in, a manager who has no track record of playing attractive football, was a mistake. He doesn't fit the history of the club and the likes of Bobby Charlton and Alex Ferguson must have had doubts when the club wanted to take him. All you have to do is look at his track record of how he plays football, how difficult he is when he speaks to the media, how he falls out with other managers and insults other managers. It was a marriage that was never going to work and I'm not surprised. Actually, I'm happy because I dislike the man intensely. There is no need for him to behave like that. It's all about him. When Manchester United win, he thinks he has won the match. When they lose, he says the players haven't listened to me. Crazy stuff. I'm not sure he has ever been happy living in Manchester. From what I hear, he is not found himself a house and he is still living in a hotel. He gets down to London as often as he can. I honestly feel that these outbursts are a way of him wanting to get out of the sitution. I'm not too sure he is happy at all at Manchester United."