Red News sources tell us that MUFC are planning to recruit squad of professional full time ball-boys for Old Trafford on match days, and for the youth teams at their home games. The ball-boys will be trained at Carrington to help them get to know the needs of the team and individual players. It is expected that other clubs will follow suit

Mourinho has in the past used members of United’s youth team as ball-boys for the first team because he felt they better understood the needs of the team during games. The club want to continue to support Jose in building a team that can challenge city, and want to adopt the Sky Cycling team philosophy of “aggregation of marginal gains … the 1 percent margin for improvement in everything you do.”. Professional ball boys will be the highest profile example of this philosophy to date.

The club expect the squad to pay for itself with Sponsorship deals, advertising at recruitment days and MUFC ball-boy academy’s “across the globe” who will train future generations of ball-boys.

A series of recruitment days will be held with the process will be filmed for broadcast on MUTV. It is expected Jose Mourinho will have his say in a Live Grand Final.

They’ll be more details on this announced this afternoon ...