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"It's a very important competition in this country and in the world, and if I'm not wrong it's the first ever competition in the history of football so it's very important for us,"

"It doesn't matter who you're playing against in the FA Cup semi-final, it's special.

"No one team is going to beat the other easily and we know that often semi-finals and finals can be won by teams in the last minutes of the games.

"It was the same in the League Cup final last season when we won in the last few minutes and also in our (2016) FA Cup semi-final against Everton, when Anthony Martial scored, and the final against Crystal Palace when Jesse Lingard scored in extra time.

"So we know what we are going to face at Wembley, it won't be easy and we will really need to fight against a very good team.

"I think we have one less [FA Cup] than Arsenal - they have 13 and we have 12 so it's very important for us to win the competition and we have a 25 per cent possibility at the moment."