“Obviously [it was] sad news. I had some contact with Ray [Wilkins] through his connection with Chelsea and I met him a few times and I always had a positive relationship with him, so obviously I feel sad. During this difficult process with him passing away, I managed to have contact with his family through his son, so I know exactly how they feel about their father and obviously I feel sorry.”

“Probably because of my age and because of my generation, I met Ray the player and then obviously he was a coach and a football man. He was a brilliant player in a great generation of very good English players and then he was a Chelsea man for many years, connected with the coaching staff and then as an opponent, because I think the last time he was coaching was with Aston Villa, if I’m not wrong. I always had a positive relationship with him and finally as a pundit, I always felt he was an honest man. I could agree with him the majority of times – not always, obviously, but I always looked at him as an honest man and that’s the most important thing.”