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“I think we are inconsistent and we are inconsistent many times in our attitude. Against our top-five opponents, we didn’t lose any points for them. Against [Manchester] City, we won, we lost. Against Spurs, we won, we lost. Against Chelsea, we won, we lost. Against Liverpool, we won, we drew. Against Arsenal, we won and we still have one match to play, so we are not also going to lose. We didn’t lose points in the two duels against the direct opponents, but then we lost points against teams that were promoted – we lost against Huddersfield and lost against Newcastle. We lost points against teams that probably are going to be relegated or are in the group of teams involved in the relegation fight. We lost three points against West Bromwich Albion and lost two points against other teams involved in that fight – Stoke and Southampton. We were not consistent and you pay the price."