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“Yes [I got the response I wanted]. The players were very good. I think a good team performance – professional, controlled, a good effort, good responsibility, desire to play, to have the ball, to score. Also desire to cope with the defensive responsibilities against a fast team and a team who is not easy to play against and part of that good collective performance was good individual performances. All of them were professional and responsible and with the first ambition which is to finish in the top four. I think one more point is probably enough, maximum two, so when we have that result, we can think about third and about second.”

“Everything was different – everything was faster, everything was simple. The players were running without the ball to be in the right places defensively and attacking, not just to always have one more touch, one more flick, one more trick. Everything was good and I am happy that the result was also good because now the players can have that positive feeling.”