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AZ Alkmaar 0-0 Manchester United - Step up the morphine!

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  • AZ Alkmaar 0-0 Manchester United - Step up the morphine!

    AZ Alkmaar 0-0 Manchester United - Step up the morphine!

    Travelling to Den Haag without a ticket turned out to be a blessing as 750 reds watched United failed to win away, AGAIN, as I had an early evening 90 minute nap back at the hotel, before going all out attack on the Grote Markt. which was disappointingly lacking in students for a reported ‘student nightʼ.

    The pain at Manchester United is going to get worse before it gets better, and we all need to be prepared for that.

    ‘Ole outʼ is picking up pace, and the problem is, people genuinely believe that Ole is the problem.

    Ole is not the answer, but he is also not the problem.

    First we must remove the problem before we can find the answer!

    If anything, someone of Solskjaerʼs inexperience could be perfect at this time, as he is an easy punch bag for the irrelevant wankers who choose to flex their muscles on social media, rather than making a short trip across to Holland to support the club they claim to love.

    We need someone in place who is willing to rebuild from the very bottom, whilst taking a lot of stick from people lacking in realism.

    United need to learn from the mistakes of the past 6 seasons, and accept mediocracy in order to try and regain some form of resurgence.

    Failure to win away at Newcastle on Sunday will make a joint club record of 11 winless days on the road.

    This is simply not good enough, and I would not try and defend Ole in this situation.

    But there is a far bigger picture here than simply not winning games of football.

    The club has stagnated beyond belief.

    The chief exec is an accountant trying to run football related business, and the owners sit on their Yacht in Florida, basking in the glory of another record turnover.

    It has taken Liverpool 30 years to get back to where they believe they belong, and, as Roy Keane has pointed out, they still havenʼt won the league (LOL).

    In those 30 years, theyʼve had nowhere near the problems we have here at United, and that is the most worrying part.

    The sooner people understand where the real problems lie, and divert the blame away from the manager onto that, rather than looking for easy, convenient answers, the sooner we can all get back on the same page and progress as a football club.


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