“I was in Row E, so it was good. I had a good seat. I've seen most of the stars but didn’t speak to any of them. I spoke to some the night before at a party in Beverley Hills. I was chatting to Lupita Nyong’o and wished her all the best and she won. I'm retired and I've got time on my hands now. I spoke to my lawyer and he said, "you must go to the Oscars sometime," so I got this opportunity.”

“My favourite films? Gone With The Wind, The Godfather, The Searchers. And a great movie, 12 Angry Men - I read a book, "100 Best Films" and it's not even in it, I couldn't believe it.' Yes, 12 Years A Slave was a great movie. Matt McConaughey's performance in Dallas Buyers Club was sensational, so I think the awards were all correct. I thought 12 Years A Slave was great, American Hustle was good and I enjoyed Captain Phillips, funnily enough and it wasn't even in the running for the awards but I enjoyed the movie. It's amazing but he's had plenty!”

“Be a film director? No, no... I'm good at what I do! I’m hoping to meet Daniel Day Lewis. I think he's a great actor.”

asked about city’s trophy win “Well, they were always going to win it. They were the favourites.”