"It was well played by the players with good work rate,"

"We work hard every day in training and just need the performances to get goals and win games.

"The first and second goals were kind of the same. For the first one I saw the defender coming towards me and pushed it away from him, it was a snap shot really for the second and the last one I was standing still in the box and it fell to me nicely so I put it away.

"I work on my shooting quite a lot, to be fair. I train a lot after training and put in extra, even before it as well I do extra finishing."

"As soon as you walk in here, it's a massive ground with a great history so it's good to play here. It's good experience to play at these big stadiums.

"I just want to get as many minutes on the pitch as possible and keep my confidence up, hopefully pushing up to the first-team squad. I need to hope for the best.

"I can definitely relate a lot to Adnan [Januzaj] and the stage he was at last year. I hope I can kick on."