Content for the new RN211 - out on sale for the Liverpool, Olympiakos and city home games - published March 16th 2014

RN211 brings varied and passionate viewpoints about what is happening at MUFC this season, as it happens as well as fascinating recollections on MUFC history. Don’t miss it. Laughs, tears and everything in between.

A tribute to Teresa McDonald. RN founder. This issue is dedicated to her.

Reditorial on David Moyes and how much time he really has.

“I hope Moyes gets his time. But I’m both fearful he won’t and what will happen with it if he will.”

The Steve Heighway Code.

The Month Just Gone.

@carlosartorial on amongst others, TC23

Pete Shaw is Red & Angry, about David Moyes’ clapping, and Rooney’s contract

Rooney - is he worth it?

Away Match Reports. Write up by Reds who were there.

Ramٍn Benيtez on the changing of the guard

Centre-spread is a special series of pics by Teresa at one of her favourite games.

Soccer AM. Deconstructed.

After Munich. The 1959/60 season by Roy Cavanagh MBE

In defence of… the scapegoats by @d_bomb87

@_rob_B on United footballers, 2014

When United Reserves played at Old Trafford by Tony Smith

Hot Gossip from Salford Red, the man who told you Fergie was retiring and Moyes was coming in (November 2012 'Fergie to go in May, think Moyes in'). He's good… and he has new goss. Player spending excess.

@Moultyx feels odd about Vidic announcing his departure mid-season

Barca ’84 - memories, reports and pictures and a vision of it by artist @chinatownbranch

and much more + gossip, graphics, tears, laughs and more! We're Reds not journos! By Reds, for Reds. A unique take on all things past, present and future at MUFC. Thanks to all who contributed and spent hours on this mag. And to all of you who will buy it and support our fanzine culture. It’s not bland corporate run ‘meh’, it’s a unique read.

It will only be sold at the Liverpool, Olympiakos and city home games

Any questions [email protected] cheers for all who support and give RN a go. We’re a fanzine, not big business. We’re there to poke and prod, have a bit of fun and buzz off of United, and call the buggers into account.

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