"West Ham United is very important to me, still,"

"I came over from Ireland in 1948, to a strange city where people spoke with a different accent and I had to get used to all of that.

"It took me about 18 months to get in the first team, but I had a good spell when I did. Not only that, but in 1954 I married my local girl Anne from East Ham, in St Anthony's church in Forest Gate.

"We will have been married 60 years this year, so I found success and love at West Ham. I've been a very lucky man.

"In terms of the football there were fewer tactics then. It was only when Ted Fenton came to the club and then Malcolm Allison, that the driving force behind it came.

"He had done his National Service in Germany and he saw they way they did things. When he came to West Ham he tried to put them into action and he was influential in the other players developing new ways and new tactics."