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“Tough draw, but we have to be in the draw and we’ve done that. We made sure against Olympiakos we were in the draw but I’m looking forward to the games, I’ve seen Munich a couple of times myself recently so I know exactly what they have got. I watched them at Arsenal, when they beat Arsenal so it’ll be a hard game, there’s no doubt, they are holders probably the team that I would have thought most teams, and probably Madrid, the two teams most people would have been trying to avoid, so we’ve got one of them but looking forward to it. We’ll go there, we do what we can but the first game is at Old Trafford, if we get the same backing and the same support we got in the Olympiakos game then it’ll give us a real chance. They are winning their league games easily, I’ve seen a few of the games, and I’ve got to say they are a really good side, they have got very good players, individual players and last year they were a good team and they showed that but I think they have actually tried to step it up again this year, Guardiola has come in and done a really good job, and they are looking to improve all the time. Well we’ve played them many times haven’t we, there’s been some epic enocunters over the years, so I’m hoping we get another one because if we get another epic encounter that’ll mean we’re coming close to getting through into the next round and that’s what we’re aiming to do.”