"On the Red News forums the percentages have ebbed away from Moyes like the English coastline. First [it was] 70% in favour of sticking with him during autumn, then down to 50% during New Year, then it started to become unnecessary to even ask the question. I know several stalwarts but they are few and far between.

"My own view is I was happy with the appointment. Much work was needed and the blame for the mess lies at many feet but this is not 1986 [when Ferguson became manager]. We were champions and Moyes has shrunk rather than grown into the job. We all felt he had time but that too has eroded. First I thought we should see where we were after two years, then that became 18 months, then next October – now this May?"

"For all talk of fans' unrest deciding this, that is dictated by results and they will sway the owners,"

"Moyes's media appearances create negativity rather than optimism and he keeps telling us he and United will try, which is a very un-United approach. Nothing would surprise me now, but I do think the owners, as much as the fans and clearly the players, are 'twitchy'."

The Guardian feature these quotes in a wider article on Moyes - which you can read here - http://www.theguardian.com/football/...chester-united

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Guardian. March 2010. "Strong voiced".
David McDonnell from the Mirror on RN183, Sept 2011: "Superb…Buy it."

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