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[64] Will Van Persie Get Injured Again?

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  • [64] Will Van Persie Get Injured Again?

    Will Van Persie Get Injured Again?

    That’s what I was asking myself a couple of weeks ago… I work in physiotherapy and I’ve seen my fair share of thigh strains so I was there thinking that he had got back on the pitch too early.

    His return to the team came at an important time for United as they sought to prolong their involvement in the Champions League and improve their Premier League form. And bless him, that’s exactly what he against Olympiakos.

    However, the Dutchman’s December’s injury was soon followed by a reoccurring one during the exact same match that allowed United to go further in the Champions League. United fans didn’t even have time to celebrate, in fact, straight after the great victory the Red Devils were disgracefully defeated by their historic blue Manchester rivals. What will the future be for United after losing the Dutch striker for the second time this year?

    His recent injury

    Van Persie suffered his first injury this season in December. United were playing Shaktar Donetsk in a Champions League group game when the striker felt pain in his thigh when he took a corner. It was later diagnosed as a strain of the quadriceps, the three muscles on the front of the thigh, which are important in getting power into shots and for balance. Besides receiving treatment at United’s Aon Training Complex, van Persie also travelled to his native Netherlands for further assessment and treatment by the national team’s medical staff. Typical treatment for this kind of injury is physiotherapy and a graduated exercise regime to regain strength. However, van Persie’s recovery has been slower than first expected.


    The previous two seasons have been van Persie’s best in terms of avoiding injury. In both his final season for Arsenal and his first for United, he was injury-free for the entire season. This enabled him to play consistently leading the line. In 2011-12 he scored 30 goals in the Premier League for Arsenal (winning that year’s Golden Boot), while his 26 goals last term were instrumental in United’s run to the title. However, besides these two seasons the Dutchman has had a poor record when it comes to injury. In 2010-11, knee and ankle injuries kept him sidelined for almost three months of the season, while three separate injuries disrupted his 2008-9 season. Indeed, many people expressed concern over van Persie’s injury record before his move to United. His first season helped allay those fears, but his recent slow recovery from the thigh strain has put his physical fitness back in the spotlight.

    Other issues

    The Dutch marksman’s injuries history certainly suggests that further injuries are likely in the future. The issue is compounded by van Persie’s age. He turns 31 in August and the strain on his body by the high tempo English game could be accelerated as he gets older.

    Will Van Persie get back into shape for the World Cup or will Holland share United’s pain this summer?

    by Antonella

    Antonella is a football fanatic and a sports injuries expert. During the week she works for PhysioComesToYou in and around Richmond, London.
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