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[2] Red News : A voice for reds ... it's in our DNA

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  • [2] Red News : A voice for reds ... it's in our DNA

    Founded in 1987, as relevant as ever now, RedNews is a Manchester United fanzine - available as a printed magazine on sale at Old Trafford on matchdays, a new digital download version for your tablet/pc/phone and via the post directly to your door (order at together with its online presence here offering the most extensive United news and views service on the net, together with its forums where Reds can debate, share info, gossip and banter away.

    The fanzine and site is run by Reds for Reds, 100% independent and unofficial (and for adults only), but offering Manchester United fans wherever they may be a voice. The fanzine offers an irreverent look from the perspective of match going United supporters, there to have a laugh, poke fun at our rivals, yet offer constructive criticism if necessary about the club - but sharing a love for all things MUFC. There is opinion on current events, and trips down memory lane with great stories and pictures. Retro looks and current thought on the game today, and yesterday.

    We don't have or want the backing of large organisations - we are proud that a fanzine remains different and unique in the world because it offers an honest plain talking view about how football fans really see the game to fellow fans seeking honesty and a shared love for all things mufc. Sharing a culture, blessed as MUFC fans. We like being different.

    It's a labour of love - we don't have fancy premises or a HQ, just a group of United fans giving their time and (at times!) endless effort to provide what we feel is a unique look and forum in the wider sense for United fans to use. We are a small operation, but have a loud voice. We work from our homes, in our work, because it is a labour of love. Welcome! We are proud and honoured to offer Reds a choice, and that voice, and we thank all of you who support us.

    RedNews was founded in 1987, and its web presence arrived in August 2000. Both are separate entities - so what you find in the printed fanzine you won't find on the website and vice versa - but share the same ideal, that United fans, the best in the world, deserve a fanzine and website that allows them to express their opinions where previously they went unheard. RedNews was the first Manchester United fanzine and is proud that it continues to flourish into its fourth decade when so many other fanzines from back then are sadly no longer with us - but we can only survive with your support, which is why if you enjoy using our facilities here that we hope you have a look at the ways that you can help support us. And get something lovely in return. Every order is vital and crucial.

    The printed fanzine (now also available as a digital version) has exclusive interviews with past and present United players (over 60 interviewed already), good features and analysis, extensive gossip, laughs at our rivals with mickey taking graphics and reports from match going Reds on their travels to away games - we'd like you to give the fanzine a try. This website provides an overview of all the United news of the day, and then allows its readers to discuss those subjects on our forums, one of which is free, the others which are available to our online subscribers. (see

    RedNews since its creation back in 1987 has seen so much happen at United that we look forward to many more seasons enjoying and talking and writing about the great life that being a Manchester United fan is all about. There is nothing on earth like being a Red. MUFC is not a hobby to us all, it is a way of life. And long may that continue.

    We hope you continue to enjoy the fanzine, or if you are new here and want to see what we're all about - you can find also find a free pdf of highlights from the printed fanzine to download and see what RedNews is all about.

    Thank you.

    [email protected]
    Red News, Unit 136, 111, Piccadilly, Manchester. M1 2HX

    Alex Ferguson on Red News' 25th anniversary in 2012 "What an achievement"

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