"First of all, when I heard I was going to play, I was focused for every minute on this game - and to do it well,"

"If it goes well, it is a good feeling. Patrice couldn't play and I started now to play more games. I was talking with the manager and he said I was going to play so I had more time to lift myself for this game.

"Of course, for me, he [Robben] is the best right winger in the world and a really good player.

"But I watched a lot of videos so I know what he does and what kind of actions he makes. It was nice to stop him. I was focused 100 per cent to win my challenge and I think I did well.

"I think I showed before against Aston Villa and West Ham that I can defend well. For me, it's my first focus - on defending - because I know I can attack well. I train hard every day on my defending and also my crossing and everything else."