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[8] A Red Perspective on Joey Barton’s comments on Wayne Rooney not being world class by RN reader Martin

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  • [8] A Red Perspective on Joey Barton’s comments on Wayne Rooney not being world class by RN reader Martin

    A Red Perspective on Joey Barton’s comments on Wayne Rooney not being world class by RN reader Martin

    "Our players aren't world class. They are not world class. Rooney could have been world class but look at his mentality compared to Cristiano Ronaldo. Polar opposites. Why does Ronaldo achieve what he achieves and Rooney doesn't? When you see Wayne Rooney smoking cigarettes, does he live his life correctly? From the questions I've asked of players who have worked with both....he (Ronaldo) is in the gym or honing his game. The level of discipline he has for his chosen profession is the reason he is the best player in the world at the present time, and that's the reason Rooney isn't."

    But you have to agree that he is absolutely correct in this assessment / appraisal of the two players.

    Ronaldo wanted to be the best in the world, but even when he reached that status, he still wanted (and wants) to improve and still practises and practises which is why he is (and always was) light years ahead of Rooney.

    I think that Wayne Rooney is a great player to have in your team, of course, because of his effort and his passion, but I can almost guarantee that the day he walked into Old Trafford with all the hype about being the best footballer produced in England for many a long year, he took one look at Ronaldo and probably shat himself. He would have been stunned at the superb physique and incredible talent of Cristiano Ronaldo.

    I saw a programme about Ronaldo a few months ago, and Ferdinand was making a contribution and said something to the effect that Ronny always wanted to be the best and always stayed behind after training in order to practise and hone his skills (not that they needed much honing, of course) and I thought to myself “Why the f**k don’t the rest of you do that?” It isn’t something extraordinary, after all, is it? It’s just a desire to improve and do the best you can in your chosen profession. Every player should want to do that instead of sodding off to the race track or the golf course or the snooker hall immediately after training.

    Here’s an example: Ryan Giggs – over 20 years at the top level and he still can’t kick a ball properly with his right foot. It’s disgraceful that he hasn’t even tried to iron out that particular weakness, and particularly after the open goal miss against Arsenal in the Cup at Old Trafford. I would have been embarrassed had that been me, and the first thing on my mind on Monday morning in training would have been to make sure that the next time I was in that situation, I wouldn’t have been found wanting.

    That isn’t meant as a pop solely at Giggs, by the way, because I can think of loads of players (mostly English) who can’t kick with both feet and I think it’s pathetic, quite frankly. I honestly believe that if you can’t do the basics (instant ball control, passing straight - and using both feet) then you shouldn’t even be on a football pitch, never mind earning £300 grand a week!

    OK that’s my bleat of the day


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