"Wayne is injured. He has a badly bruised toe so he won't be involved against Newcastle. It will be touch and go for Wayne for Wednesday. It's football. You look at what Wayne has done for us in the last few league games for instance. Against Aston Villa, he scored two goals and there were a couple at West Ham, including that special goal. Wayne has been an integral part of that because of the goals he scores for us. He's a miss for that, never mind going forward. It's a toe injury and they're never easy when you get one. You could see him limping in the game - towards the end, quite badly. He has a bad toe. There's not an awful lot you can do with a toe injury. Sometimes you can feel better quite quickly with them and sometimes you need an injection to play with it if it's bruising. With a lot of toe injuries, you have to make sure there isn't a hairline fracture or crack in your toe. We will have all that checked."