“You can go into some Champions League games from recent times when teams sat back and waited and waited and waited and then got something from the game and got through. I don’t think there is any shame in what we did in the first leg, not by a long way. Tactically, I thought we played very well on the night. But I have got to say, in the second game, we might need to think differently, look at it in a different way to the first game. Tactics is something that I am looking at and thinking about. We played with a game-plan and I would think Pep would need to alter his team slightly. Tactically, they will play the same type of game, maybe differently in terms of positions. For us, we have to make a decision, do we play differently? That is something I am mulling over at the minute. I think the way modern football is going, you just never know. “Many teams have lots of possession but your job is to score goals at the end of the day. Many teams who play on the counterattack might get a goal. I've watched Bayern play two or three times recently and saw them at Arsenal, and I just felt that with their pressing game, we might be better not having the ball at the back on the night. We wanted to try to to get at their back line as often as we could in a decent way."

"We talked about the good performance at Old Trafford, and in a lot of ways people said it was a good result as well, but at the moment Munich are going through unless we do something about it. That doesn’t necessarily mean in the first minute, but somewhere within that game we have to do something that gives us a chance of getting through. We have to make sure that we give ourselves a chance by not conceding and then having to chase the game. If you have to chase the game against Bayern, it could be difficult because they are very good with the ball. We have to try to get the first goal. They were very good with their possession nd we were very good with our attacking play, so this game is in the balance. It's a tight tie."