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[40] David Moyes FULL Q&A with Sky after the game tonight…

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  • [40] David Moyes FULL Q&A with Sky after the game tonight…

    David Moyes FULL Q&A with Sky after the game tonight… T-SHIRTS and more!
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    Q. David, momentarily it was majestic, where did it get away from you?

    DM “Probably the 30 seconds after we scored the first goal. I mean if you’re a schoolboy you get told ‘make sure once you score, don’t concede right away’ and we conceded too quickly. It was always going to be a tough night, and after we got the first goal we needed to give ourselves 5 or 10 minutes where we could stop them getting the ball, but I think from the kick-off they were up the pitch and scored.”

    Q> It was just 22 seconds, was it a classic as you say schoolboy error, switching off?

    DM “It was and I don’t know if it was a bit of concentration maybe thrilled that we got the goal, but we’ve got enough experience on the pitch tonight where we should have done it but they didn’t do an awful lot wrong tonight, I thought the players played ever so well, I was really pleased with the performance, but just a couple of small errors which have probably cost us in the end.”

    Q. Even at 1-1 though, could you not see if there was anyway of getting yourself back in it, why couldn’t you get going again?

    DM: “Well I actually thought we had a great chance when it was 2-1, I think Danny Welbeck worked out a great chance at 2-1, and actually the third goal comes from two deflections, it comes from Shinji beating the player, going to play him through, the boy deflects it into the goalkeepers arms, Neuer, who throws it, goes up the pitch, Robben comes inside, shoots and deflects and that one goes in so I never thought we were out of the game, I always thought we were in with a chance and we needed to score when it was 2-1 we needed to score one more goal to get to 2-2, but obviously the third one kills us but I thought that didn’t go for us, I thought it was a bit of bad luck in that third goal.” T-SHIRTS and more!

    Q> In fairness, there’s no shame in losing to Bayern Munich, the current European Champions is there?

    DM “They are a really good side, they showed it, they have great players who can play in different positions and in different ways, but I thought we done what we had to do tonight, I thought we came here, we made it difficult for them, tacticallywe tried to stifle them as much as we could, and I thought for long periods we done that, but as I say if you lose the goal right after we score, it makes the job really difficult.”

    Q. Realistically, that means no there will be no CL football at Old Trafford for next season, what is the damage that that does?

    DM: “Well, we’ve not got CL football that’s the way that it looks but I believe that it’s not far away, it’ll hopefully only be the one year the way we go to rebuild, our focus now is getting a team which can make sure that is back in this competition because it’s a great competition, we’ve really enjoyed it, there’s no shame in going out in the Qtr Finals to Bayern Munich tonight because they are a good side and the players have played really well so it shows the qualities we’ve got, we’ll do that, we’ll regroup and we’ll start building back to being back in the competition again.”
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    Q. You’ve faced questions about your future already this season, do you think failing to deliver CL football will cost you the job?

    DM “Well that’s not a question for me because my job is to just get on and do the job, I’ve found everybody at the club very good, again my focus is on making sure that we do get a side that gets us back in the CL, that’s the main objective now.”

    Q. When you’ve been speaking to people within the club about transfer targets coming up, has CL football been part of that conversation in terms of budgets, etc, have you been planning without CL football?

    DM “The club have never had any problem, they’ve always, anything we’ve talked about, they’ve always been, looking to spend the right money on the right players that are available, nothing to do with CL football, and any players we’ve sort of quietly discussed with are more than happy to join Manchester United.” T-SHIRTS and more!

    Q> And how much more difficult will it make it to attract players (he’s just answered that numbnuts) when you can’t offer CL football

    DM “Well just as I’ve said there, I think that the ones who quietly might have, someone might have had a word in their ear have all been keen to come because it’ll be a short thing, it won’t be a long thing, and are all very keen to join such a great club.”
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