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[2] David Moyes post match Q&A in full transcript to SKY - he thinks we played well!

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  • [2] David Moyes post match Q&A in full transcript to SKY - he thinks we played well! T-SHIRTS and more!
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    Q. David, clearly a disappointing day for you, what did you make of it?

    DM “Yeah it was, we gave away two terrible goals, but prior to that we passed the ball brilliantly well, kept the ball, had great control of the game, what we couldn’t do was make enough chances, but we had great control and we got done by two stupid decisions, well it was a stupid decision to dive in front of the ball in one of them, but two poor goals to give away and both on the break.”

    Q> Was that the big disappointment to you, there wasn’t maybe a cutting edge to go with actually you dominated the ball?

    DM “Well if you looked at it we played very well the first half, we came in 2-0 down but we passed the ball really well but we didn’t have a final through pass at times, we didn’t have a final finish when they came and there weren’t many of them, so that was the disappointing part that we just couldn’t do that bit in the final third but I couldn’t fault how they played because we kept the ball incredibly well.”

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    Q. Did Everton surprise you at all, counter attacking, being more direct, than you expected or do you think the way you played kind of forced that on them>

    DM “Well I think they played a bit similar against Arsenal when they got a result the other week, the positions where they put Lukaku allows them to counter attack and sort of weigh on you a little bit, but you know, the job is to win football matches, there’s a lot talked about style but more important is to win and we didn’t do that today.”

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    Q. A couple of penalty calls, one obviously went against you, one didn’t get, what did you make of the two of them?

    DM “What one did we not get?”

    Q. The one on Buttner, first half?

    DM “Yeah, I think the referee was fine, I don’t see, I’ve seen it again, maybe on another day you might get something from it but we didn’t, there’s no argument about their penalty kick.”

    Q. That was a penalty, the Phil Jones hand ball?

    DM Laughs “Yeah, obviously wasn’t it, aye.” T-SHIRTS and more!

    Q. It does mean, mathmatically, you’ve known it’s been coming for a while, you cannot make the CL next season though you may have seen it coming, how much has it hurt?

    DM “It does because it’s part of this club and we want to be in it and we’ll do everything we can to get ourselves back in it as quickly as we can.”

    Q> Do you now want this season over as quickly as possible to begin building United back to where you believe they belong?

    DM “Well, we’ve already done that and we’re doing that behind the scenes now, so we’ll try and do everything we possibly can to get a team which is capable of winning better than we’ve done recently.”

    Jamie Carragher asked what he thought of those quotes “I must have watched a different game.”

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