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[19] Sean Bones of MUST not happy with way sacking was handled

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  • [19] Sean Bones of MUST not happy with way sacking was handled

    Sean Bones of MUST not happy with way sacking was handled

    "This has been done without class and dignity. It's wrong to brief journalists before speaking to the man himself. It was a risky decision in the first place to appoint Moyes because he wasn't proven at the highest level - that decision is down to the Glazer family. It's a results-based industry, but it's not been done in the right way and the Glazers haven't invested in the club at the right time. Manchester United has a lot of style and class and we don't do things that way and to me this is typical behaviour of the Glazer family. We do things with style, class and dignity. I'm not saying he should have stayed in the job. It was a risky decision when they appointed him as he was not proven at the highest level. But that decision was ultimately down to the Glazer family. They may have spoken to Sir Alex and other people within the club but if it was the wrong decision it was the Glazer family's decision."

    The results at Old Trafford have been very, very poor. It is a results-based industry and you succeed or fail on results. But what you can say is that there is a direct parallel at what is happening with Manchester United and what is happening at Tampa Bay Buccs. They have finished bottom four of the last six seasons and that club is now on its knees and it's because of decisions by the Glazer family. Now they have buried this club in debt. Look at Manchester City, their owners are pumping money into that team, the Glazers haven't invested in United at the correct times. When they took over we were a PLC and we invested in all the best players - players like Rooney, Ronaldo, Ferdinand - and the Glazers gained the benefit of that huge investment. Since then they have starved the club of investment and haven't gone for the best players available. Before they took over we were the No 1 club in the world, now we are fourth and that has to change. We now need a manager who is proven at the very highest level, otherwise it is a gamble. Jurgen Klopp appears to be the supporters' choice. Obviously at Manchester United we deserve the very best manager."
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