"Truthfully, I wasn’t surprised. You look at the bigger picture – the results and the way United have played this season. We haven’t been as attacking, as direct and as entertaining. But at the end of the day results are what matters to United. We’re seventh in the league, out of the FA Cup, out of Europe and it’s not good. I think the club have done the right thing. It hasn’t been good enough. If David had been at another club such as Chelsea or Barcelona I think he would have gone a little earlier"

"I believe he’s a fantastic bloke and a very hard worker but it’s all about results and that’s not happened this season"

"The club are going to lose £50million over the next 12 months with not being in the Champions League – that’s a massive chunk of money. If they were going forward with David Moyes and were going to give another £150m, that’s a helluva lot of money to give to a manager based on this season’s results. I think it’s a bit of a gamble"