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[12] A Red Perspective on Moyes gone, and the Glazers still here by @mufc_dan87

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  • [12] A Red Perspective on Moyes gone, and the Glazers still here by @mufc_dan87

    A problem is gone, but the real issue remains

    For the first time in this disgraced season we finally have some reason to be excited, which makes it for a nice change bearing in mind the footballing ordeal we’ve been put through over the last nine months.

    David Moyes has gone, the charlatans he called his coaching staff have upped their tent with him and with the Class of ‘92 momentarily in charge of the team, we might even see some attacking football between now and the end of the season.

    The prospect of a world class manager, preferably one who preaches attacking football rather than treating it as a virus, arriving at Old Trafford in the summer is arguably the best news we’ve received since Robin Van Persie put pen to paper almost two years ago.

    In getting rid of Moyes, however, the club has only eradicate part of the issue, for the main problem is still solidly in its place. Like all terminal illnesses worth their name, the Glazers seldom make an appearance, though the impact of their cancerous influence is felt in full by the club.

    Those who think the Yanks have pulled the trigger on Moyes for the club’s sake are either gullible beyond belief or obtuse beyond the point of salvation, for Moyes was handed his P45 once Woodward informed his puppet masters that a severe slump in form would have made negotiating deals with Korean bog roll producers extremely complicated.

    Since infesting the club in 2005, the Glazers have known nothing but success without having to fork out a single penny out of their pockets, as Fergie, ever the socialist, was happy to splash £35m of the club’s money on the Jorge Mendes-sponsored trio of Anderson, Nani and everyone’s favourite raffle winner, Bebe.

    The relationship worked a treat for both parties involved, with Fergie knowing the Glazers would keep their nose out of anything football-related, with the Americans aware that neither Fergie nor David “debt is the road to ruin” Gill would cause troubles either.

    That, presumably, is the reason why they appointed Moyes 10 months ago. The Glazers must have struggled to believe their luck when Fergie, a man who had redefined the term papering over the cracks, recommended them a man who had ran a club operating on a budget just slightly superior to what Anderson invests in food on a yearly basis.

    Granted, Moyes spent £37m on Juan Mata and £27m on the Belgian Sideshow Bob but spending £64m over two transfer windows is a drop in the ocean after six years of opting to spend the bare minimum to strengthen a squad that’s been in desperate need of a gradual overhaul since the final whistle of the 2009 Champions League final.

    In their refusal to loosen their purse strings, the Glazers have turned a patient needing minor surgery into one requiring multiple organ transplant to survive, let alone to be fit enough to run a marathon.

    Whereas six years ago spending the £80m the club pocketed by the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo on a world class midfielder and on a winger who could beat his man and cross the ball, United now have to completely rebuild their midfield, while the back four is also in desperate need of a major overhaul.

    Moyes and Woody were lost at sea last summer - Woodward quite literally, given how long it took him to fly back from Australia - and the appointment of a world class manager should minimise the risk of that farce repeating itself, but the Glazers have put themselves into an extremely difficult position.

    Whoever Moyes’ successor will be will neither side so openly with them as Fergie did, nor will he simply nod and smile at Woodward as Moyes was happy to do last summer. In fact, quite the opposite, for both Louis Van Gaal and Carlo Ancelotti are likely to demand serious investments are put in place.

    Not spending money would all but guarantee United are casted further adrift next season, thus limiting the commercial revenues the club needs to survive, forking out between £150m and £200m would go against everything the Glazers have always wanted since they took over the club: filling their pockets without giving one about the club’s success.

    They won’t like it, but they’ve got nowhere to hide after the debacle of the last 10 months. Moyes is gone and the optimism around the club is justifiable, but the real enemy is still around.


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