"I think he has a little bit underestimated and ignored some of the advice that people were giving there, not only from myself, but Eric Steele and Mike Phelan, we were trying to help him and say: 'Listen, we can make your life really, really easy'.

"That's why I came out with a quote before saying: 'You're going from a yacht to a cruise ship,' because it's different.

"It is not just working the players on the pitch and trying to get three points; there as so many things around you and happening.

"At the end of the day it comes down to the three big things: the media, it's picking your team and your strategies of how you're going to play - that's what your staff are for, and ultimately what you are doing on the training pitch.

"What you do on the training pitch will always manifest itself on the game. These pros turn up every day and they want to be worked in the right way and that will transfer itself in the game."

"It became clear to me that Dave wanted to sort of sail a different sort of road with his people.

"To be fairly honest I looked at it from my way and thought, 'hold on a minute, I could be more of an obstruction than a help' and these are the things we openly discussed, and I said, 'The last thing I want is to create a situation where you're not given the best possible chance.'

"That was an open and honest discussion. I hold David in high regards; he's a man with very high integrity and that it hasn't worked out is very unfortunate for him.

"If that opportunity [chance to work with Louis van Gaal at United] would come my way, I'll say right now I would not deny it, absolutely not.

"I never left United because I fell out with Manchester United, not at all. Like I said, I felt it was a sort of Catch-22 situation where it would have be difficult for me to carry on as I was in the situation and I wanted to help David Moyes in the best possible way in the club that I could.

"This is a different kettle of fish and if Louis van Gaal would be thinking, 'I do think Rene would be an asset', I'd listen to that."