Bobby Charlton, My Manchester United Years

“I think this year has been a tremendously interesting year, we’ve done our best, it’s not worked. We’ve changed our manager. The club next year I guarantee we will be Number One in Manchester without any question. We have to go ahead and maybe buy a couple of players which will happen, but I’m really looking forward a lot to next year because Manchester United is not renowned for being second, we like to be first. And we will be first. We have the most fantastic organisation and that organisation when it works is unstoppable so what I would like to say is I’m so proud and especially tonight because Ryan Giggs has been the recipient of the honour. I first saw Ryan Giggs at Salford training ground, and I saw Alex Ferguson, who was leaning against a fence, having a look at the action, and I remember looking and I saw somebody pick the ball up, and he dribbled past about 4 or 5 players, and then a left foot shot right into the top corner, the goalkeeper just saved it and I said to Alex ‘who the hell was that?’, he says ‘it’s a young lad called Ryan, and we think he’s going to be play for us next year’, so that is about 25 years ago and I am so so proud of what he’s done and I am delighted for him.”