"This is why it is an exciting World Cup. The expectations are more realistic. We have a group of young players and the expectations are not high and crazy,"

"It allows individuals to breath a bit more and maybe express themselves more. We have an eye on the next tournament. This tournament with the players we have, we cannot expect to win. Quarter-finals for this young bunch of players would be a good step."

"It upped the expectations because people called us the Golden Generation and people expected us to win silverware. We had the players capable, but never set up in the right way,"

"[It was a] combination of things. The system was not right. I don't think we played with freedom in an England shirt. We were trying to stop teams all the time."

"If you can see a progression with these young guys – and see they have another four to eight years – you can start to increase expectations," said Ferdinand. "We have always been disappointing in terms of living up to the expectations. Hopefully, we can play with no fear and enjoy it. Maybe we can see glimpses of the future."