Red News has a World Cup Predictions Competition to entertain you now that “unusual" past season has expired.

Its free to enter and anybody can take part. Points updates will be regularly posted … so you know how each prediction turned out and how you are getting on compared to others taking part, plus we’ll have some stats to analyse how each of you are getting on (the good and the bad!) … that kind of thing anyway.

You can submit predictions via the Red News site (, Facebook ( and Google+. And we’ll also provides the points updates in those places too - So its easy for you to take part, keep up to date with how you are getting on and discuss/debate why your 4-0 prediction turned out to be a 0-3 loss

(and the highest finishing Red News VIP member will get a £50 cash prize, courtesy of the Red News editor - Barney, who does like to show the love to those who enjoy spending their time in the Red News forums and help make Red News what it is today)

How to take part :

Anyone can take part, you just need to do 3 things


Pick which teams will qualify from each group
Points : 5 for each correct pick
Submit before first game of the World Cup


Give us your guess for these 5 predictions
World Cup winning team, Golden boot winner, Number of penalty shoot-outs, Team to score fewest goals in the group stage, at what stage will England get knocked out
Points : 25 for each one you get right (a nice reward if you get one of these tougher picks correct)
Submit before first game of the World Cup


Predict the final score in each of the world cup games - all group and knock-out games
Including extra time, but not pens

Points : 7 points for exact score, 3 points for correct result

Submit anytime up to 12pm on the day of the game

That’s it … Its free to enter and anybody can take part (and if you are a Red News VIP member there’s the added bonus of a £50 cash prize to the highest placed one of you)

cheers and we hope you’ll join us