"There is no question over any of the players. They did everything that was asked of them,. Sometimes you do things well, sometimes you don't. But the desire was there. They tried really hard. From the first day until the last you didn't hear any player say anything bad about the training. That shows the players have respect for the manager."

"I don't want to point at any one thing. It did not all happen in one week. There was a transition. Everyone has their own ideas and their own vision. We didn't adapt quickly enough. We thought it might be difficult to win the title this year, so the start of the season was so important for us. We had tough matches and we lost them. After six games we were already six or seven points behind the other teams. The pressure builds and it all rolls up."

"The players were being questioned, the manager was being questioned, the club was being questioned. People end up saying the players are not good enough and we need to buy better ones. I am not saying we have had a good season. It was a bad time and the players could have done better. But everyone lost belief in the team."