“All problems I have had in my life, I have sorted out personally with the manager. Any issues, we have sorted it out face-to-face because everything from me I will say it to someone looking into their eyes. When you work with someone every day, sometimes you are not happy with someone for what they have done. Sometimes you have issues over certain things. It is normal. So you talk to the manager. You are a senior player, someone who has been there and done it and you are trying to help the manager. Sometimes you need to have honest conversations. We had them. Look, we are human beings. We do not agree with things all the time, but you have to respect the manager, you have to respect your boss. He is the one who is responsible. What kind of influence would I have on my manager if I said: 'You should play these tactics?’ He is the one who is responsible for those tactics and tomorrow he will lose his job if I say: 'You have to play in a different way.’”