“Sometimes you have players playing on the wing and if it is a midfield player, he might not be able to perform. You need time to adapt to a certain style and we didn’t adapt quickly enough. After the results started to be a bit bad, everyone started to get more nervous, then we lost confidence. That is why it was going wrong, and it rolls up and you can’t stop it. After six games, we were already six or seven points behind the other teams. Maybe if we had easier games to play we would have got the confidence. If you start thinking about it now, it was not easy for us from the first day. We had Liverpool away, Manchester City away. We lost those matches, then people start questioning the manager, start questioning the players and the pressure builds up. It is not a question you can answer easily. Everything did not happen in one week. You can’t say this or that happened. In the cycle of one year, there are a lot of things. But when we lost the chance to win the title, we knew this season wasn’t working and this season was lost. When I thought we had lost our chance to win the title, we were also out of the cups. Then you say, 'Wow, this is not working well’. I believe if we had finished fourth and got a Champions League place, it would have been more acceptable for everyone. But it just went worse and worse.”