"Not many players leave Bayern Munich. I only wanted to leave because I'd spent 10 years there, so for me, it wasn't a money thing, I just wanted a new challenge"

"I represented England and I wanted to play in that league. With Kroos, it's different. He's been at Bayern Munich for a long time since he went there at a young age from Hansa Rostock.

"But this is more of a money issue than anything. I think the bigger question is: 'would he suit the Premier League? Is he going to suit a team who play 4-4-2 with two strikers up top?'

"He'd have a lot of responsibility with tracking back and that's not one of his greatest strengths, so he'd suit maybe an Arsenal or Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think he's probably in the best place for himself right now.

"The grass isn't always greener. He could easily go somewhere else but he's got everything he needs at Bayern. If he wants a change of scenery and to learn a new language, he can.

"They've got a ready-made replacement in Thiago [Alcantara] right now."