Eric Cantona backs local protests during the World Cup and hits out at Michel Platini

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"Platini expects the World Cup to go well, but people just need to be heard, and they will be heard thanks to the World Cup. What they're asking for has been carried right around the world for several months now because of this event. That's a positive thing. Of course they are going to take advantage of the World Cup, they're not going to wait for it to be over, as Platini asks. That would be pointless. Speaking of Platini, it's about settling scores, a political war. He wants to be FIFA president, Blatter wants to remain it. Blatter has started to say, 'Qatar, it's true it's a bad idea, but it was Platini's idea.' Some people criticise the World Cup in Qatar, others the World Cup in Brazil. It's also Platini who gave the Under-21 European Championship to Israel, which is just as disrespectful in human rights terms as giving the World Cup to Qatar, given Israel's policy. He also gave the Euro to Ukraine, which was not an example of democracy. But they are emerging countries where there is lots of money. And the World Cup needs that. It's organised in countries that have the means. Tomorrow, it'll be China. That it happens in countries where it's important to develop football, that's a good thing. But in Qatar, there is absolutely nothing to develop, no potential. It's a small country in terms of population. The people are not at all interested in this sport, never will be. It's politics when you get to that level. Platini was a great player, he's a great man of football, but today, he's a politician just like the rest. On the other hand, it would be a good thing that, as they are all politicians, that a former player be elected head of FIFA. When you have to choose between the plague and cholera, it's better to get it from a doctor."