"I've been here before and I've said what I feel I can deliver and what I can do and it hasn't happene. I think this is the one where I have to show what I can do. I believe I am in the best possible shape and the best condition I can be in to do that. I am ready for it. I am excited for it. There will be no excuses this time if I don't perform. I certainly won't be looking for any excuses this time."

“I feel good. I am settled at home with my family. I have no issues whatsoever and I am ready for this tournament. I am going to give everything and leave everything on the pitch. As I've said before, I won't have any excuses this time if it doesn't come off. For us, as a nation I think it is the one thing that is missing. And then for me personally, I feel the World Cup in 2018, I'll be a bit older then so it will obviously be difficult to impact that the way I believe I can do. So, I feel this is the really last big one that I feel will probably get the best out of me. I feel ready, fresh and as good as I can do to go into this tournament."

on him taking the United physiosto a break in Portugal

I missed the last few games of the season and I wanted to make sure I was ready and available to train when the team met up. That was the reason behind it. It certainly helped me get up to speed again and then obviously to join in with the team on the first day, whereas I would have had to do two or three days with the physios and the fitness coaches before I could join in."

"We can go far. We have got the players and our aim is to win the tournament. We don't want to be going there saying we would be happy getting to a quarter-final or even a semi-final. Our aim is to win the tournament - that is what we are preparing for, that is what we hope is going to happen."