“David would be a wonderful choice. In fact, I’d go as far as to say I think David should be the choice. If it was down to me, Moyes would be the only name on the list right at this minute until Celtic were told directly by him he didn’t want it. For a start he’s played with the club so he knows exactly what is expected and what is required to be a success in that environment. He gained a lot of experience in England before going to Man United and much of that experience was about bringing through younger players. In today’s market, it’s clear what needs to be done in terms of the finances at Celtic. It’s about unearthing players and making them into big saleable assets, or finding a local lad and making him into an £8million player. I believe Moyes is a very good judge of players and would be able to give younger ones a chance. He knows the scouting system inside out and where to find the players. I’ve been hearing some of the names that have been mentioned at this stage, guys such as Owen Coyle. But with respect, these type of candidates are not in the same league as Moyes. If you are looking at guys who are available at the moment and on the market, Moyes would be the No.1 choice. If Celtic were not able to get him, then as a second-choice I’d go straight for Malky Mackay.”