“It’s a bit sad that the country is so Wayne Rooney obsessed,”

“I don’t think Wayne sets himself up to be anything other than a very important member of the squad who tries his best at all times.

“As far as I’m concerned all this talk doesn’t interest me.

“All I want is for Wayne to play well and Daniel Sturridge to play well and for them to score and create goals.

“That’s what they are here for. That’s what we work hard to help them to do as a team.

“We don’t have the same obsession.

“I am not focusing on one individual. Wayne and Steven Gerrard have never asked to be elevated to the position they are now. They have got there because they are good footballers and deserve to be there.

“They know full well as senior players with a lot of caps there is a bit more responsibility resting on their shoulders. But I select them for their skills and all I want them to do is bring their skills to an England shirt.”