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[5] Alan Shearer says Rooney can win the Golden Boot, but then says he should be dropped if he doesn't do well against Italy

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  • [5] Alan Shearer says Rooney can win the Golden Boot, but then says he should be dropped if he doesn't do well against Italy

    "Three weeks before Euro 96, Terry [Venables] said to me, 'whatever happens between now and the first game against Switzerland you're going to start',"

    "That just gave me great confidence that the manager had belief in me but he also said 'you'll start, but the rest is up to you'. I think Roy Hodgson will say the same to Rooney.

    "I managed to get off to a good start, I scored in the first game and finished the tournament top-scorer - I've no doubt that Wayne can do the same."

    "He should start against Italy,"

    "But then it's whether he performs or not because we have got other players now who can produce moments of magic."

    "I don't think Wayne Rooney will want it on his record that he's been to three World Cups and not scored in any of them.

    "He needs to score some goals and try to make England successful - I believe he can do it but it's up to him to go out and prove that.

    "If England don't play well against Italy the manager has the right to leave anyone out."

    "I don't think people are obsessed with him - players can handle pressure, he's a big player and he's proved that in the past,"

    "The pressure is on him like there is any other player. He's one of the biggest names in the world so everyone wants to talk about him."

    "We've got other guys now who can produce pieces of magic - Sturridge can score goals as he showed the other night and has been showing for Liverpool.

    "Sterling can, Lallana can, Ross Barkley can, so there are other guys who can be match-winners.

    "I think what everyone wants to see is these guys replicating their club form in the white shirt for England and doing it on the biggest stage."
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