We are always looking at ways to reward the loyalty of our readers, and also allow those who support/read the mag to provide the backing that gives us the security to survive and flourish in challenging times. Which keeps this great website going.

With the fanzine being 27 years old, and wanting to ensure our future and beyond to provide the brilliant printed fanzine and site, and to advance with new features and technology, we are offering you the chance to become a Red News 100 club supporter, not only guaranteeing you the next 46 mags in print (roughly 4 and a half seasons worth!) at a discounted price in the UK, but supporting Red News in the process.

You can be a new subscriber, topping up an existing sub, or renewing. Anyway you want.

And we now offer this for PRINT and PDF subscribers

As a print reader in the UK, this special £100 subscription will get you the next 46 editions of the fanzine, a saving of £50+. 46 mags should cost £151.80

As a PDF reader of the mag, this this special £100 subscription will get you the next 69 editions of the fanzine, a saving of £50+. 69 mags should cost £151.11

This offer is only applicable to UK print readers. UK or ROW for PDF, of course. Rest of World subscribers can still sub in print or digital at http://www.rednews.co.uk/subscription.php or via our App/Kindle at http://bit.ly/RedNewsApp or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Barney/e/B009N4YJ0Q/

With post prices going up, and rising all the time, this guarantees you the mags whatever the rises because you would have paid for them already!

Fantastic offer, giving us the vital support to flourish, and mags to your door - what more could you want.

To take up this offer, follow the link below.

Please make the offer PRINT or PDF.


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