saying yesterday

“Wayne is one of 23 players. I’m very happy to have him here. I don’t have to share the obsession that ‘he has to play here or he has to play that’. As far as I’m concerned, I look at the players at my disposal and decide what they need and what we need. Then I expect them to do it. Wayne can play in several positions and he’ll play in a position which we think will suit the team and which he is capable of playing. He can [play on the left], absolutely. I think Wayne’s a very useful player in the sense you don’t have to pin him down and say this is the only position he can play. He can play centre-forward, behind the centre-forward and wide. If he’s done all of those things at the very top level for Manchester United, there is no reason why I can’t use him in those positions as well.”

he was quoted on Sunday as saying

“It is a bit sad that the country is so Wayne Rooney-obsessed. I don’t think Wayne sets himself up to be anything other than a very important member of the squad, someone who does his best and tries his best at all times. Talk about combinations doesn’t interest me. All I want is for Wayne Rooney to play well and Daniel Sturridge to play well. We don’t share this obsession with Wayne, we also think that people like Danny Welbeck, Sturridge, Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana are in there to play well and help us score goals, too. That’s what a squad is about. Wayne and Steven Gerrard have never asked to be elevated to the position they occupy now, they got there because they are good footballers. They deserve to be there. As senior players with a lot of caps they know there is a bit more responsibility resting on their shoulders than for Sterling and Barkley, who have hardly played a game. I’m not looking for players to impress me all the time, just to justify my faith in them. If they play as well in an England shirt as they do in their Manchester United and Liverpool shirts, I’ll be happy.”