players who's names can be changed into anagrams XI ... when United aren't playing the Red News forum mind wanders somewhat ... this week has seen the debating of "Obscure United XIs" ... Teams of 11 United players linked together by an obscure and sometimes frankly bizarre reason

there's been suggestions for
the ugly XI
one Syllable Surname XI
Dublin born XI
Surname starts with an S XI
Rhyming/same name pairs XI (that one was a struggle)
United XI who were born in one country but played for another
United XI where the surname has 7 letters or more,
United XI where the surname has 8 letters or more,
XI with first names starting with G
United XI whose surnames end in " i " or " a "
XI with names containing four letters or less
XI of Memorable nicknames
XI of Players played out of position at some point
XI of Surnames which are place names
XI of players not from Europe
XI of surnames with three syllables
XI of “flops”
XI of Scandinavian’s
XI of the players that got away
XI that went on to manage
XI of players we used to love but not so much since they left
Where are they now?! XI
The Denmark XI
a French XI
The anagram of meat XI
man united shaved heads/baldies XI
Mancunian XI
Players with 1 appearance XI
surnames are all proper words XI
played in first XI in title winning seasons but didn't qualify for a medal

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